Creative Mindset Coach

Helping you grow your creative business with impeccable confidence.


Hey, I'm Vanessa

Nice to meet you! It is my mission to empower you through the process of attaining a successful creative business and balanced lifestyle by going above and beyond in your mindset.  Many times, we contemplate taking on a new direction that will better our lives, or our income and yet we hold back, for so long and do nothing and making no progression.
I offer you personal coaching sessions built to move your ideas into that amazing creative business, serving your ideal clients, granting you the value you deserve. I help you create your brand and monetizing your exacting passions.
Once you nail your niche and align a structure to your lifestyle you are happy with, you will make greater moves in business acute and effective to meet your ultimate financial gains. It takes more than a perfect plan, you will need the mental capacity and confidence to implement them every step of the way.
Let me get you there!