Procrastination- Hidden Agenda

The first thing to think about procrastination is, why am I not doing what I know I should be doing?

It is the most common problem, which is actually associated with laziness but in fact, has nothing to do with it! It is the most despised word in any goal achieving activities.

When you come up with an idea, a solution an ‘I know what I can do!Moment you feel the energy, you feel the excitement, you feel the knowing, you feel that it is right and your certain, you feel absolutely sure that this feels good for you and right!

You have the conviction, the energy, the excitement and the confidence to know your idea it is possible. In that moment it makes sense to you.

The idea is a Conception.

This conception is with high energy, it is felt through your body and feels electric. You have connected with your heart and the mind in that very moment.

So where does it all go wrong…?

That very spark of conviction, that high energy dwindles … tell me why Vanessa!



That High energy (excitement) we call it motivation.

So, to have an idea/goal, you have to take action and that is only driven by motivation… (follow me)

From conception to the action … unconsciously we get triggered in someway and attach a limiting belief. Now, at that time it is automated so we don’t know it, we don’t even identify it sometimes… but those who do, only do so, when it is too late and the momentum for the idea/goal has dwindled down by factors outside ourselves, such as sabotaging our capabilities and blaming situations. These are burdens we attach to the idea subconsciously. We burden ourselves about achieving the goal.

What are these burdens? They are limitations and excessive energy placed in the wrong direction and degenerating obligations.

Common beliefs: I shouldn’t even try it, it will not work …. I haven’t got the time… no one will get it… I haven’t got …. I’m not good enough yet…

It has nothing to do with laziness, and far from you not having enough time.


Our automated unconsciousness mind operates the critical things in our lives. eg from our morning routine/habit to the simplest of lifting a cup of water to your mouth and it also automates how we conduct our ideas and ultimate goals.


The truth of the matter is unless you identify limiting beliefs, and I mean the beliefs that are not coherent to the idea/goal. You will just never get there or at least it will be a sloth and struggle and diminish your environment through the process… like carrying heavy chains of weight.


In my experience, the power to remove procrastination starts from the mind. Surface level “tips and tricks” from self-help books have their place and are great but you won’t find the ability to have the commitment to those tip and tricks. You must work with the mechanics of your mind and reframe it.

You will need sufficient commitment and a strategic programme that’s devised for you, to continue having the will power.

As a Mindset Coach, I go in deep to understand you and tackle your unconscious beliefs. You get personalised actionable items relevant to you, far from case studies of anybody else.

I help you to be accountable and maintain that high vibrations organically of your idea/goal. The coaching is systematic in helping you achieve and live the goal and yet gain personal development.

Make a difference and get serious about your ideas Now! Book your Mindset Coaching here.

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Procrastination- Hidden Agenda

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