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December 22, 2020

How to deal with difficult changes in our life? 

How to deal with difficult changes in our life? struggling, wellbeing, distraction, coping strategy, stress management, mindful, chronic stress, feeling stressed panic,

How to deal with difficult changes in our life? Changes are a huge part of our lives. Sometimes they occur naturally and sometimes we are forced to make them happen and at times they are difficult to deal with. Changes can also directly affect our mental well-being and our calm mindset. You may feel exhausted […]

December 22, 2020

Procrastination- Hidden Agenda

The first thing to think about procrastination is, why am I not doing what I know I should be doing? It is the most common problem, which is actually associated with laziness but in fact, has nothing to do with it! It is the most despised word in any goal achieving activities. When you come […]

April 6, 2021

Wellness April 2021

December 22, 2020

Who is the Big Bully?

coaching mindset, mindset coach, vanessa robins, tony robbins

Who is the Big Bully?   Bullying is more than just any negative impact. It involves a particular kind of harm. It is aimed at engendering a kind of helplessness, an inability to act or to do anything good upon yourself. Bullying is repeated aggression, verbal, psychological or physical conduct by an individual. Some years […]

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