1:1 Coaching with Vanessa

Are you ready to run your business effectively?

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“Release your secret - Business Room”

QUIT starting and stopping and join me where I share with you strategies to get the attention you need for your business, and make strategic decisions for the betterment of reaching your sale goals.

What you'll get through 1:1 coaching with me:

  • CEO Mindset – Full access to mindset-shift coaching experience to rewire self sabotaging beliefs that is limiting any progression.
  • Business Strategy – Clear and detailed business targets and business processes made easy to be implemented for running the business online, including planning of the customers full journey with your business.
  • Social Media – Marketing Strategy – Detailed planning to capture your audience and have them wanting your services through specific funnels so you can have the those sales and community. 

  • Costumed Work Life – A business that operates with your current situation ( perhaps with fulltime job) so you can carve out the future you want without feeling like you need to make sacrifices and have the time to do the things you really want.
  • Impeccable confidence –  Be able to talk about and sell your services or products easily.
  • Access – to ongoing support from myself every step of the way,  plus access to my support network of successful Business owners too.

You're in the right place if:

  • You’re not being heard from your potential paying clients.
  • You’re wondering everyday what direction to take to move forward in your business/idea.
  • Experiencing self sabotaging thoughts and beliefs that you cant seem to shift?
  • You want to launch your business/idea and have the confidence to have online presence.
  • You know there's more strength to discover about yourself and is craving in take ownership of your reality.
  • You’re ready to make a big change and you don’t want to do this alone.
  • You're ready for help to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you really want to be.

What my client had to say?

Why Me?

  • Hey! My name is Vanessa Robins, Solution focused and a straight forward communicator. I fully allow creativity to transform my reality with ease. I have a progressive mindset and that enables me to create and leave away to ‘anxiety’ in all my endeavours.
  • At 18yrs I started a career in Interior Design & Architecture, where I made a considerable good living as an Architectural Technician.
  • At 20yrs I opened my first business providing contract services of over £50k to private clients and architectural practices ,provided course training, architectural training and lecturing in universities, this was all through my twenties. I built considerable knowledge about direct sales and business to business and consulting.
  • At 30yrs I had become addicted to growth in my life and I strongly believed that anxiety is a sign for realignment and change of belief. In accumulating my wins and losses in business, I built up a progressive mindset and ventured into the “How’s" of my learnings. I wondered, if I could eliminate my lows and any struggles of low self-esteem, or that settlement for less in a competitive field.
  • Since then I changed my focus to understanding the mind (Mindset) and developed the skills to transcended my business acumen into Coaching.
  • Over a decade of self employment, I’ve built up quite the business building toolbox and I’ll be share the best ones with you!

Got Some Questions?

What is the length of coaching?

I do a minimum 3 months to 12 transformation coaching with my clients. I believe a minimum of 3 months is required to create lasting change.  

How do I know that you're the right coach for me?

Before we start anything, we will have a clarity call and together we figure pretty easy how you can move forward with or without me.
I only work with people that are 100% want I do, so that we both thoroughly enjoy the coaching experience. 

I don't know whether I have the money to invest right now

I know that investing in coaching can be a new experience. It definitely was for me. But if there is ever an area in your life that you should be investing in, it is in yourself. The only thing that REALLY matters is whether YOU are happy now and what is it worth to you to achieve
an outcome you want.

I have invested over £10,000 just this year alone! In order to grow, learn and develop myself to that next level – we
need to invest in ourselves and do things we haven’t done before, in order to get a different result.

Will I definitely see results?

You are the only person that has the determination to follow through and taking action from this experience. Part of the clarity call process is for me to see whether you are coachable. Coachable means that you are motivated and willing to invest the time required into the coaching experience to make the adaptations for yourself and passion in your business.

If you commit can guarantee commitment I am ALL IN and you WILL see results. 

Is there an option for a payment plan?

Yes! I am flexible to payment plans. 

I don't know whether I have time to do this right now

If not now – then when? When will be the
‘right’ time? My suggestion is to think about the right time being now. We should stop letting our imagination of the worse cloud our desire for what benefits this could be and pass by an opportunity for change.  Start Right now and apply, we can discuss whether I am a fit for you.